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What is Shareware?
What is Freeware?
How do I download and install programs?
How do I change settings for and preview a screen saver?
How do I access the Display Properties Window?
How do I get the program version number?
How do I remove the screen saver?

(handy program to open Display Properties)

What is Shareware?

Shareware is software that you download and try for free before you buy it. After a trial period, typically a week, the programs from this site display a window to remind you that the trial period has expired, and provide a link to purchase the program. If you decide to purchase the program, a key code is emailed to you, along with instructions for installing the key code. Installing the key code automatically upgrades the program to the full version and disables the reminder window. If you decide not to purchase the program, it can be easily removed (see Removing the screen saver).

What is Freeware?

Simply put, Freeware is software that is free to download and use forever.

Downloading and Installing Programs

All the screen savers on this site are stored as self installing setup programs. To download a particular setup program go to its web page and click on the button labeled Download. After a few seconds, your web browser should prompt you to either save or run the setup program. Choose save and save it to your desktop so it's easy to find later. When the download is complete, close the browser window and find the icon for the setup program on your desktop. Double-click on the icon and follow the prompts to install the screen saver. After the screen saver is installed, you will see a prompt asking if you want to make it your default screen saver. Answer yes. This will bring up the screen saver section of the Display Properties program, where you can select and preview the screen saver, and change its settings. After you have finished, you can delete the setup program from your Desktop by dragging its icon to the Recycle Bin.

Changing Settings and Previewing

The Display Properties window is where you can preview a screen saver and change its settings. (See the section below about getting to the Display Properties window if it's not already open.) About midway down the Display Properties window, you'll see two buttons, one marked Settings and the other Preview. To the left of these buttons is a text window that contains the name of the currently selected screen saver. If you click inside this text window, a drop down list will appear with the names of all the screen savers on your computer. Click any name on the list to make that one the new active screen saver.

Click the Settings button to change any settings for the selected screen saver. Click the Preview button to see what the screen saver looks like when it's running.

Getting to the Display Properties Window

Sometimes you may want to open Display Properties to select a different screen saver or change the settings for the currently active screen saver. I have created a handy program to do this which you can download by clicking the button below. Save the program on your Desktop and you'll always have easy access to Display Properties.


If you prefer, there is another (longer) way to get to Display Properties. Right click on your desktop to open the desktop menu. Click the menu option labeled "Properties" to open Display Properties. Toward the top of this window are several tabs marked Themes, Desktop, Screen Saver, etc. Click the Screen Saver tab to access the screen saver section, make your changes, then click OK to save them.

Getting the Version Number

Sometimes it's useful to know what the version number is for a particular screen saver. Follow the instuctions in the previous paragraph to launch the Display Properties program and access the screen saver section. Click the Settings button to open the Settings window. Click the button marked "About (screen saver name)" to display the About window. The version number will normally appear toward the top of the About window.

Removing the screen saver

To remove the screen saver, start by clicking the big "Start" button on the Windows taskbar (at the bottom of your Desktop). Click "Control Panel" and wait a moment for it to open. Double-click "Add or Remove Programs" and wait a few more moments. In the list that appears, find the name of the screen saver program and click it. Click the button labeled "Change/Remove" to remove the program.